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Horses & the 4th

By June 29, 2021 November 17th, 2023 No Comments

Does your horse get excited from the fireworks and loud noises on July 4? Do you worry about him or her breaking through fencing and getting an injury? This year, our large animal veterinarians are recommending a different medication for your horse to help both of you get through this holiday. Trazadone is an oral pill medication given every 12 hours. If you have a dog, your dog may have been prescribed this drug to lessen anxiety about vet visits, new environment, loud noises, etc. The advantage of trazadone is that studies indicate it is effective in horses to calm nerves under stressful situations. Furthermore, it is relatively inexpensive. Our general protocol is to start the medication on the morning of July 2 and continue through the evening of July 4. If you are interested in trying this medication for your horse, please call our clinic to talk to a large animal veterinarian.

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