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Camelids (Llama’s & Alpacas)

Camelids (Llama's & Alpacas)

At Kulshan Veterinary Hospital we offer a wide variety of veterinary services for llamas and alpacas from routine physical exams to nutritional and parasite control program evaluation. Our large animal veterinarians have been treating camelids for almost 20 years now and enjoy the challenges of working with these beautiful and interesting animals.Our focus is on preventative medicine.

The veterinarians at KVH can come to your farm to evaluate not only animal health, but also look at your facilities, pasture, and make recommendations on nutrition, vaccinations, and parasite treatment and control.For sick animal and emergency care, we have both in-house and ambulatory service during and after business hours. Our clinic is full service with radiology, ultrasonography, endoscopy, and laboratory service on-site as well as surgical capability with gas anesthesia.

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