Take a look at our Lynden, WA veterinary hospital!

Conveniently located at 8880 Benson Road, Kulshan Veterinary Hospital cares for all species of animals. We routinely see dogs, cats, cows, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, birds and reptiles, but have even been knows to see more exotic creatures like tigers and brown bears.


Our main small animal entrance greets owners as they pull into our driveway.

front door

Our large animal entrance is located to the right on the south side of our building. We also have a large parking area that features a circular traffic flow that allows clients with trailers or larger rigs to visit us without having to turn around.


Inside our respective reception areas, clients are greeted by a knowledgeable staff member that will facilitate check-in for you appointment. These team members are also able to answer your questions about a myriad of animal health topics and/or to help you find whatever medication, food or product you may need to better treat your animal companions.

waiting area

In our small animal waiting area, clients are treated to a warm, spacious environment featuring an inviting fireplace, designed to take the chill out of our damp northwest days. Clients can also access free Wi-Fi and a wealth of educational options designed to make their hopefully short wait times productive.

weigh in

Our waiting area also features an easy access floor scale. We encourage pet owners to stop by and use it as needed, particularly if their pet is on a weight loss program. This allows us to track their progress toward their weight goal and one of our staff members to speak with them if their pet is having trouble shedding those unwanted pounds.

pet food

We offer a wide variety of premium prescription and over-the-counter pet foods with an emphasis on sound nutrition and high quality of ingredients. We feature Science Diet foods including Ideal Balance and Prescription Diets, but also carry some Royal Canin and Iams Veterinary Diets. Other foods are conveniently available through our online store.

Just off the waiting area is an enclosed courtyard where clients and pets alike can enjoy a sunny afternoon with the added benefit of a little fresh air.

One of our veterinary technicians or assistants will usher you and your pet into one of our eight exam rooms where, depending on the size of your pet we’ll either use the fold down table or floor space to conduct a full examination. Our exam rooms are also equipped with Feliway diffusers to help reduce the stress cats experience as part of our cat friendly certification.

After your pet’s initial examination, it may be taken into our treatment area where our license staff will perform the diagnostic sample collection and/or treatments that were discussed with you in the exam room.

lab 1

Kulshan features a fully staffed lab that is able to quickly provide our doctors with the information they need to better diagnose and treat our patients.  Complete Blood Counts (CBC), blood panels, urinalysis, cultures and many cytologies can all be done within our facility. For more advanced diagnostic tests, we partner with several outside laboratories to ensure quality care for our patients.

lab 2

Within the treatment area, the doctors consult about cases to ensure that no stone is left unturned in our quest to find answers for our patient’s ailments. Our staff participates in frequent continuing education to keep us up to date on the latest developments in diagnostics and treatment protocol.


Should your pet need radiographs or ultrasound, Kulshan offers state of the art digital imagining with access via telemedicine to specialists who can provide a complete review of the images within as little as a couple of hours.


Our surgery suite is equipped with the latest in anesthesia, patient monitoring and laser surgery. We appreciate the concerns owners have with anesthesia and strive to make sure we employ the safest protocols and best monitoring tools available. We treat each patient as if it were our own.

Kulshan also offers Veterinary Supervised boarding. We have a wide variety of accommodations for dogs and cats and can even facilitate the boarding of birds and exotics under certain conditions.

Boarding dogs are cared for with a great deal of TLC. They are treated to multiple long walks each day and even time in our enclosed play area when conditions permit. Since cats aren’t as keen on walks, they’re given play time within the boarding area to help them stretch their legs.

Our large animal treatment area is frequently a buzz with activity. We have a surgery area, stocks, pens and multiple open areas that facilitate the treatment of horses, livestock and other “non-traditional pets.”

client area

These areas also offer an excellent area to converse with clients about their animals.