Health Certificates

Our lab does a wide variety of health certificates. Please contact our Kulshan Lab at 354-6510 ext 218 for all questions pertaining to health certificates.

Effective as of 2/13/17: Coggins is required for travel to Oregon and Idaho


Health Certificate Endorsements:

We are happy to announce that effective immediately appointments with Dr. Lee are no longer necessary to cross the border with horses.

Due to the USDA restructuring; we have been informed that all certificates must be endorsed at the USDA office in Olympia.

1. You will typically need to wait an additional 2-3 business days to receive your paperwork.
USDA does not work on weekends or federal holidays.

*Note: you can drive the paperwork down to the Olympia office but do need to call them and schedule an appointment; they have a limited number of morning appointments (8:30-11:00) which fill up so quickly that they recommend calling 2-3 weeks in advance.

2. There is an additional charge to FedEx your paperwork to/from Olympia. The charge is $40 currently (FedEx rates vary month to month).

3. You must pay the endorsement fee directly to USDA. This can be done via

a. Credit Card – they need the following information:

i. Card type/number/expiration/CVV code

ii. Name as it appears on the card

iii. Billing address the credit card statement is sent to

iv. Phone # to reach you if they have any problem running the credit card

v. Drivers license number

b. Money order payable to USDA ($60.00 per health certificate)

c. Personal check payable to USDA ($60.00 per health certificate). You must include your Social Security Number (or Tax ID) on a separate document (not written on the check).

Because your paperwork will already be endorsed, you can go through any border at any time. If you have any questions, please contact our Kulshan Lab at 354-6510 ext 218.

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Normal Large Animal service ends at 1:00 pm on Saturdays. After hours Large Animal emergency service is available by calling our same phone number. After hours Small Animal service is available through Animal Emergency Care at 4176 Meridian St, Bellingham. Their phone number is 360-758-2200.