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Is That The Sun?!

By May 18, 2018 November 17th, 2023 No Comments

by Dr. Kevin Erickson

Whether in Lynden or Ferndale, nothing motivates us more than sunshine and warm days. Kulshan Veterinary Hospital is well aware that beautiful weather inspires pet owners to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of Whatcom County and beyond. We’re also aware of potential risks to your pet and encourage pet owners to takes appropriate steps to keep their pets safe as they adventure in the great outdoors.

You and your pet aren’t the only ones enjoying the warmer weather. Fleas throughout the county are jumping for joy right on to your pets. Did you know that ten adult fleas can give rise to over a quarter million fleas in just thirty days? That is why having your pet on a flea preventative is so important.

Internal parasite eggs and larvae from other pets and wildlife also lurk in dog parks, backyards and along trails, just waiting to be ingested by your unsuspecting pet. It’s up to you to keep these beloved family members safe. And we’re not just talking dogs, cats are also prone to contract parasites if not protected; even those that never go outdoors

Thankfully, regular parasite preventatives work great to protect your pet from fleas and internal parasites, but with so many products to choose from, we thought we’d offer a few recommendations. For those that prefer a topical produce Revolution® is our product of choice for both dogs and cats. If an oral solution is preferred, Trifexis® works great for dogs. There isn’t a good single oral option that treats both fleas and internal parasites for cats, but combining Comfortis® and Drontal® tablets will get the job done.

For the hiking and camping enthusiasts, ticks are another menace that must be averted. While Revolution® will address the low risk pet, high risk dogs should use once monthly Simparica® chewable tablets or long lasting Serestro® collars. Serestro® collars are also a great option for cats.

Heartworm is another threat to pet safety. Washington State is considered a low risk state for contracting heartworm, but the American Heartworm Association indicates that it’s only a matter of time before that changes. With the increased mobility of pets and rescue animals arriving regularly from heartworm endemic area that is no surprise.

Pets, primarily dogs, traveling outside Washington, need to be on a heartworm preventative both while traveling and for three months after returning. Thankfully, Revolution® and Trifexis® both protect pets against developing heartworm infestations. Treating heartworm infestations is expensive, very dangerous and potentially life threatening to your pet so prevention is crucial.

Finally, as more pets are out and about, up-to-date vaccinations are a must. You never know what the pet next door, the dogs at the dog park or the wildlife that peruses your yard or public trails after dark might carry. Do everything you can to keep your pet safe by keeping their vaccinations current. If you aren’t sure about your pet’s status, give us a call or check it out via Kulshan’s PetPage app.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget that temperatures inside cars rise to unbearable levels quickly. Don’t risk your pet’s life by leaving them in a parked car. Even with the windows cracked, the temperature can rise to deadly levels in a short period of time. The best bet is to play it safe and leave them at home or treat them to a day of doggie daycare.

Spring and summer should be a time of fun and family. Don’t let pet problems spoil the fun. Plan ahead to protect your pet and your warm weather experience will be a lot more enjoyable.

If you have specific questions about your protecting your pet or general questions about caring for your pet, feel free to contact us at 360-354-5095 or

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