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Is It Time For A Veterinary Exam?

By February 16, 2015 November 17th, 2023 No Comments

By Jacob Hammon, DVM
of Kulshan Veterinary Hospital

Many times a day we receive calls with the general theme of, “Do you think my animal needs treatment?”

On average, just being concerned enough to call is a good sign that your animal needs veterinary intervention. In our community, we derive many hours of enjoyment just watching our livestock living and thriving on pastures. Being that most of our livestock are classic prey species, showing any signs of sickness makes it a target for hungry predators. If you see one of your herd that is lagging behind, slow to get up, or just acting less than enthusiastic about life, you should be suspicious. Some may say “keeping an eye out” for a week or two will fix things.

Unfortunately for that animal, that week may be the start of the downhill slide towards worm food. What could be easily treated both quickly and economically might become that expensive farm call that’s too little too late. Whether or not you decide to wrangle your animals early or late, you still have to catch it up and get a good exam. When it’s sick, those patients seem easier to catch, but harder to treat. When it’s healthier, they are harder to catch, but results are less involved and cheaper.

dog-cat-2-300x169Kulshan Veterinary Hospital’s Staff will always be happier to treat healthier patients and to make treating those patients the best value you can get. Ultimately you will be happier enjoying the peace of mind that your animals are healthy and your change purse is full.

And what about your pets – your cat, dog or other small animals? How do you know whether or not a trip to Kulshan is appropriate? Click here to check out an informative video from the American Veterinary Medical Association that helps answer this question.

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