Horse Dentistry

There have been major advancements in the field of Equine Dentistry over the last 10 years. Gone are the days of the bucket of water and a tooth file. The veterinarians at Kulshan Veterinary Hospital have extensive training in Equine Dentistry, offering complete dental diagnostic, preventative, and treatment services whether in house or on the farm. We utilize Powerfloat’s motorized dental float for most of our tooth corrections which allow us to safely and quickly adjust dental abnormalities with little discomfort to the horse.

We are also able to utilize our radiology and endoscopic equipment to help with the diagnosis of more complicated dental issues that may involve the sinuses, tooth roots, and surrounding bone.

Because Kulshan is a full service equine clinic, the Dental Visit can also be a great opportunity to discuss and evaluate your horse’s complete health, offering time to discuss vaccinations, deworming, and nutrition.