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Kulshan Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer physical rehabilitation for dogs and cats living in Lynden, Whatcom County and all surrounding areas. Kulshan’s rehabilitation services are under the direction of Dr. Jessica Bunch who recently completed her training and received her certification as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT).

Achieving this certification is no small feat. Over the past year, Dr. Bunch completed over 130 hrs of class work at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in Florida. She also participated in a week long internship at a canine rehabilitation facility in Boston. Dr. Bunch is Whatcom County’s first veterinarian to undergo this specialized training and to become a certified therapist.

Physical therapy dates back to about 460 BC, but the practice didn’t become an important part of human medicine until the late 1800’s. Veterinary medicine did not show interest in physical rehabilitation, as physical therapy is called by veterinarians, until much later.

In the 1960’s, veterinarians started showing interest in equine applications for physical rehabilitation. Two decades later European veterinarians started practicing physical rehabilitation on pets and veterinarians in the United States followed suit ten years later. Over the past ten years, physical rehabilitation for dogs and cats has advanced and grown rapidly.

Pet physical therapy offers returns similar to those enjoyed by human patients and can benefit a wide range of patients. Those suffering from arthritis, orthopedic (bone) injuries, neurological problems and/or unable to undergo surgery are prime candidates. Physical rehab is also appropriate for pet following injuries or surgeries, such as cranial cruciate repair, back surgery and fracture repair, as it can speed and/or improve recovery. It is also beneficial for sporting and working dogs as it can improve performance and conditioning and help prevent injuries.

Rehab-004-150x300Following a thorough assessment, Dr. Bunch starts each pet on a personalized program of exercises and/or treatments that will help to increase mobility, increase flexibility, decrease pain and improve overall quality, and often quantity, of life.

Each pet’s physical rehabilitation plan can be very different. Depending on the goal of the rehab and severity of the issues being treated, Dr. Bunch may employ a combination of modalities to benefit her patients. These modalities can include therapeutic laser, E-stim (electrical stimulation), TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, heat therapy, cold therapy, massage and/or specific exercises. She will also determine what work is done during the rehab visit and what is done at home by clients.

Regardless of where you live in Whatcom County, your pet may benefit from this new and exciting service offered by Kulshan Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Bunch is eager to work with clients, patients and referring veterinarians to help rehabilitate pets from whatever ails them. For more information, please contact Kulshan Veterinary Hospital at 360-354-5095 or via email at DrKulshan@KulshanVet.com. Dr. Bunch is also open to inquiries from clients and from other veterinarians interested in this exciting field.

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