Veterinary Student Employee Opportunity:


  • To introduce opportunities in clinical practice to veterinary students
  • Previous experience is not required. Positive attitude is required.
  • To offer LA, SA, or Mixed animal opportunities
  • To teach safe, humane handling of animals
  • To teach safe restraint of animals
  • To teach an approach for a complete physical exam
  • To teach practical animal welfare
  • To teach addressing entire animal needs
  • To teach controlling the environment including all occupying that environment
  • Will do our best to address individual written objectives presented at the beginning of the rotation


  • Available to any veterinary student to apply for a position. Completed application is required.
  • Generally during the summer months after the first or second year in veterinary college
  • Duration of a minimum of 4 weeks and will involve some weekend and after hours duties
  • Paid position as an employee of Kulshan Veterinary Hospital (KVH). Each candidate  must pass a drug test and background screening process. 
  • All candidates are admitted solely by decision of the KVH Leadership, based in part but not completely upon background, experience, interest and screening criterion.
  • Housing is available and will need to be reserved with the KVH Business Office Coordinator in advance.
  • Be willing and able to work in any aspect of work needing to be done at a veterinary hospital or in the care of any animals or any treatments or procedures
  • Exercise confidentiality in dealing with all client/patient interactions during and after completion of the rotation.
  • Please see our website at for information about our practice and to download an application form
  • Questions can be directed to:  (Business Office Coordinator)

Download Summer Vet Student Employee Application Here