Updated 3/19/2020 11:00 am

To our Small Animal Clients:

Just like most businesses throughout Whatcom County, Kulshan Veterinary Hospital is working diligently to address the unprecedented and ever changing challenges of the current COVID-19 outbreak. Putting the health and safety of our staff, clients, patients and community first is our utmost priority. 

To that end, we are asking that if you or anyone in your household is ill or has been exposed to someone with symptoms of the corona virus infection that you avoid scheduling an appointment at this time. We are also doing the following: 

  • We have instituted increased cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces frequently contacted surfaces 
  • We are actively monitoring the updates provided by the CDC, state and local health agencies and veterinary organization and implementing recommended protocols 
  • We are taking steps to ensure adequate supplies of products our clients may need to treat our patients effectively 
  • Our online store carries most of the products that we sell in-house and provides home delivery for those that are concerned about leaving their homes and/or have been quarantined 
  • We are implementing new protocols to maximize the safety of our clients, patients and staff 
  • For appointments: 
    • Clients will be asked not to enter the building, but to call the office when they arrive at our parking lot 
    • A tech/assistant will take their history over the phone and pick-up their pet 
    • Pet owners will stay in their car while the pet is taken into the building for our veterinary staff to examine 
    • Once examined, the doctor will call the pet owner to discuss their findings and recommendations 
    • The agreed upon diagnostics and treatments will be done 
    • Payment will be completed 
    • The pet returned to the client upon completion of this work 
  • For medications/food: 
    • Call ahead to pre-order 
    • Call from the parking lot to let us know that you have arrived and to provide payment 
    • We’ll bring the medication/food to you 
  • We are continuing to look into other options for addressing the needs of those that are concerned about their animal’s health, but also concerned about increasing their potential exposure to COVID-19.  


To our Large Animal Clients:

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently taking steps to protect the health of our staff so we can continue to provide medical services to your animals. When scheduled appointments for your animal, please advise us if you or anyone in your household is sick or has been sick with flu like symptoms or around someone with these symptoms in the past two weeks. Based on the nature of the call and issue being addressed, our staff will coordinate with you to best address the situation. This may involve having one of our technicians available to assist the doctor or having a person that has not been ill or around ill people available to assist.

When arriving at the hospital for a hospital call, product pick-up or lab sample drop off, please stay in your vehicle, call the office to let us know you’ve arrived and one of our staff members will give you further instruction on how to proceed.



 Kulshan Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to making the best of this challenging time. We remain deeply committed to the safety of our staff, clients, patients and community. While pets are not currently known to be susceptible to COVID-19, they get sick and we are devoted to being there to assist them during this crisis and in the future. 

We appreciate your patience with us as we implement new protocols and adapt to the ever changing of dynamic of this pandemic. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have concerns about your animal’s health or your ability to provide for your animal’s health during this difficult time. 

Kulshan Veterinary Hospital