A Socialized Puppy is A Happy Puppy

By September 15, 2023 Small Animal (Dog, Cat)

By Dylan Spargo, DVM


Socializing Your New Puppy 

Socialization is one of the most important things you can do to help your puppy develop into a comfortable, confident adult. Here are some tips to set your puppy up for success! 


What do we mean by socialization? 

Socialization is a process of exposing your puppy to a variety of people, animals, and environments. This exposure plays a crucial role in shaping how they view the world. It takes place during a specific window in their early development, up to about 14 weeks old. Well-socialized puppies see the world as a safe and stable place. As adults, they are more confident, curious, and comfortable as they navigate the world. 


Creating positive experiences 

During this critical window, your puppy soaks up new experiences like a sponge. Your goal is to provide a variety of positive experiences with different people, animals, and places. Here are some ideas: 

  1. Introduce your puppy to a diverse range of people, including adults, children, men, women, and people with different appearances. Encourage gentle interactions and petting, helping your puppy understand that human contact is enjoyable and safe. 
  1. Expose your pup to well-behaved dogs of different sizes, breeds, and ages. This interaction promotes healthy social skills and reduces the likelihood of fear-based aggression or anxiety around other dogs. 
  1. Consider enrolling your puppy in a reputable puppy socialization class. These classes offer structured exposure to various stimuli while being overseen by experienced trainers. Such classes provide a safe and controlled environment for learning and interaction. 
  1. Watching the world go by is helpful too! For example, you might park at the edge of the parking lot at a pet store, open the door, and watch people enter and leave. This gives your puppy a chance to process the events around them in a relaxed, passive manner. 

Remember, the goal is to keep it positive! Never force your puppy to interact with someone or something. Let them approach at their own pace. If they seem scared or overwhelmed, it’s best to take a break. 


A note on safety 

All this important socialization happens before your puppy is fully vaccinated. There is some risk, but the benefits are so great that we still recommend socializing your pup. Unfortunately, if you wait until they are fully vaccinated to start socializing, you miss that important developmental window. You can make it safer by socializing with other healthy, vaccinated dogs, avoiding dog parks, and sticking with their vaccine booster schedule. 


In summary 

Socializing your puppy is an investment in their future well-being. By thoughtfully introducing them to new experiences during their critical socialization window, you’re paving the way for a confident, well-adjusted companion. 

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