Keeping your Feline Friends Comfortable

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“Hey Doc, what can we do to make him more comfortable?”

It’s a frequent question that I hear as a veterinarian and one that up until recently was challenging to answer particularly for older cats with arthritis pain. As animals age, it’s inevitable that they will develop arthritis. In fact, veterinary researchers estimate that 90% of cats over the age of ten are affected by this debilitating disease. Unfortunately, most of these cats suffer in silence because cats are masters at hiding their pain.

Signs of arthritis pain in cats are subtle. They include trouble jumping up and down, difficulty climbing up and down stairs, and reduced activity. When cats hurt, they also tend to withdraw. They hide, get grumpy and decrease their interactions with their owners and other housemates. These signs are not all that surprising as most of us tend to be less sociable when we aren’t feeling good. Unfortunately, these signs also negatively impact our relationship with our cats and their quality of life.

So how can we help them feel better?

The challenge with cats is that they do not tolerate the typical anti-inflammatory drugs that many of our other patients, or even you and I as humans, use when suffering from arthritis pain. Using standard anti-inflammatories in cats can lead to kidney problems, GI issues, and even death.

Thankfully, relief from arthritis pain is now available for cats. Earlier this year, Solensia, an injectable monoclonal antibody, was approved in the United States. This once-a-month medication is poised to revolutionize cat arthritis pain management.

Over 75% of cat owners indicated seeing a decrease in signs of pain when their cats were treated with this once-a-month injection during a three-month study. The study also showed that the cat’s quality of life was improved and that their mobility, comfort, and overall well-being was better.

Not only is it great to have a good answer when asked about how to make arthritic cats more comfortable, but it’s even better seeing the results when cats experience the effects of this medication. If your cat is getting up there in years or has been slowing down, maybe Solensia would get it back to its old tricks.

To find out more about Solensia and whether your kitty might benefit from using it, contact our office or visit Feline Osteoarthritis Checklist | Zoetis Petcare.

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