It’s Fair Time!

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By Jake Murphy, DVM

Fair season is here!
Here are some common reasons and diseases to look out for that can get your animal disqualified from attending the fair. Any animal showing any signs of these issues will not be allowed. Let’s work together to ensure happy and healthy animals show up!

• ID required Prior to Arrival
o Required: Legible Bangs (Brucellosis) Tattoo on all females over 4 months of age
o Recommended: USDA metal ID or USDA NAIS ID on all others
• Diseases/symptoms:
o Infectious Foot Rot
o Ringworm
o Warts
o Diarrhea
o Snotty nose/ respiratory infection
o Pinkeye
o External parasites: Mange or Lice

• Diseases/symptoms:
o Strangles
o Ringworm
o Warts
o Respiratory disease
o High fever
o Diarrhea
o Parasites: Lice, Mange
o Severe lameness issues

• Diseases/symptoms:
o Sneezing, coughing
o Eye or nasal discharge
o Open mouth breathing
o Parasites: Lice, Mites

Small Ruminant (Goats and Sheep):
• ID requirements:
o Permanent ID prior to arrival (Must at least have Premise ID)
 Must meet USDA requirements for Scrapie ID program
 Call 1-866-USDA-TAG or Kulshan Vet for information
• Dehorning requirement
o Animal dehorned and the site healed completely
o Scurs should be removed prior to arrival
• Bucks
o No bucks are currently allowed at Fair, Rams are ok.
o Castration sites should be healed and free of infection
• Diseases/Symptoms
o Orf
o Infectious foot rot
o Ringworm
o Warts
o Respiratory disease
o High fever
o Parasites: Lice, Mange, pale mucous membranes, diarrhea
• Diseases/Symptoms:
o Erysipelas
o Ringworm
o Diarrhea
o Snout health/respiratory disease
o Fever
o Coughing
o Parasites: Lice, Mange, Ticks
o Castration sites must be healed

Happy Fair season! Kulshan is looking forward to working with you all. If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 360-354-5095.

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