Veterinary Nursing in Action

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By Dr. Kevin Erickson, DMV

Caring for All Creatures Large & Small would not be possible at Kulshan Veterinary Hospital without the amazing dedication, compassion and skill of our veterinary nursing staff. October 16-22 is National Veterinary Technician Week and the veterinarians at Kulshan want to take this opportunity to recognize this awesome group of individuals.

Working together with our veterinary assistants, these licensed “nurses” routinely draw blood, place catheters, check vitals, monitor anesthesia, take radiographs, perform dental cleanings, manage wounds, assist in surgery, give medications and fill prescriptions. And as if that were not enough to fill their day, they often assist as receptionists, dog walkers, cage cleaners and grief counselors.

Like many jobs, being a veterinary technician is not always glamorous.  Their patients are commonly nervous, sometimes scared and typically not feeling well. Because of this our nursing staff is frequently pooped or peed on, occasionally bitten or scratched and sporadically banged up.

Despite these “perks,” veterinary technicians make sure that the patients under their watch get the best care possible. Their advanced training allows them to keep the veterinarians abreast of any changes in patient status, execute the veterinarian’s orders and play a vital role in making sure your pet receives the best care possible.

Some may ask, “Why would anyone want to do this job?” Our techs would quickly respond, “Because we love the animals.” There is nothing more fun than playing with new puppies and kittens or more rewarding than seeing sick animals leave the hospital healthy and knowing that you had a part in making them well.

As we celebrate National Veterinary Technician week, Kulshan salutes our licensed veterinary nurses: Brenda, Dana, Dawn, Deb, Jennifer, Lacie and Sheryl. These talented professionals are a big part of why Kulshan can care for our patients as well as we do. But they are not alone. It takes every member of our team, from receptionist to veterinary assistant, veterinarian to inventory clerk, to provide the level of care are patients deserve and you expect. Please join with us in thanking all of our staff for the great job they do every day caring for all creatures great and small.

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