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Celebrating Our Senior Pets

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It goes without saying that senior pets enjoy an important position in the family because of their long-standing loyalty and devotion. We want to celebrate that relationship by offering to you a chance to learn more about these special family members and how together can keep their health and happiness at its best!

Many pet owners don’t realize how their pet’s health changes once they reach that certain age, or what problems can occur and how they can be managed. With the aging process come changes to vital body systems, particularly the kidney function, joints and even brain. Some of the early warning signs are easily mistaken as “normal” resulting in missed opportunities to lengthen their life and make it more enjoyable. To stay ahead of medical issues we would like to encourage you to visit us if you are noticing any of the following symptoms:

Decreased activity level such as sleeping more, lying down for longer periods of time, limited desire to play, etc.

  • Limping, stiffness, change in gait
  • Abnormal bathroom habits such as urinating more frequently or accidents in the house
  • A change in appetite or water consumption

One of the easiest ways to protect our pets from hidden ailments is to create a strong baseline of health through regular veterinary appointments. This allows us to monitor for early signs of health issues that are typically more effectively treated the earlier that treatment is initiated. Appropriate nutrition is also a key to maintaining optimal health and play a role in protecting against unnecessary weight gain, kidney failure and/or urinary distress.

Through the end of October, we are making Senior Care more fun by:

  • Offering you a free bag of treats as a welcome for your Senior Wellness Exam
  • Providing a detailed go-home report of recommendations from your veterinarian specific to your individual pet’s needs
  • Trial kits of Prescription Diets based on your veterinarian’s recommendations for your pet
  • A free week’s trial of Rimadyl, an anti-inflammatory for dogs, for new Rimadyl users (if necessary for your pet)

Please give us a call to schedule your Senior Wellness exam! We look forward to seeing you soon and celebrating this special bond between seniors and their owners.

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